GRAPHIC DESIGN: Effectively conceptualize, design and create high-quality digital art to creatively challenge us to think outside the box .Software used in this process include Indesign, Photoshop, XD Dimension and Adobe Illustrator.

LOGO DESIGN/ ILLUSTRATION: Complied from a list of drawing techniques and projects such as Storyboarding, character illustration, pencil sketch to graphic form are the most prominent amongst this process. Designing with Adobe Illustrator has been a key force in the creation of logo development specifically.

DIRECT MAIL/ SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Strategically develop direct mail pieces, brochures, stationery, POP/ROP ads, postcards, web banners and e-blasts.

PAGE DESIGN/ LAYOUT: Creatively produce amazing and award-winning layouts for magazines, annual reports, tabloids, book covers and other collateral. this service also includes copy editing and preflighting the pages for output.

WEB DEVELOPMENT: Websites should be mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, therefore I try to help in that process. My skills cater mostly to User interface design (particularly using WordPress), but also includes a mix of HTML5/CSS and CMS.

MARKETING STRATEGIES: Marketing and branding can be tricky. My expertise in this arena helps to ease the tension. Concept building and design consultation is what I offer along with target audience methods.

COLOR CORRECTIONS/ PHOTO RETOUCHING: There are lots of programs that can manipulate colors and retouch, I however, prefer using Photoshop to do them. Photoshop allows me to work with ease with layers, filters, color balance, channels and cloning techniques, It also remains the design industry leading software for any processing vibrant images for print, digital or multimedia.